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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Return to Lush!

Hi all,
So, my story begins boxing day last year when I treated myself to an array of bath bombs from the famous Lush boxing day sale. Unfortunately, my shopping experience wasn't great and it put me off buying from them again... Till now...

"I will just have a quick look," I said to my husband. This quickly progressed to "I will just buy one bath bomb" (which I stuck too!) but I spent a good half an hour at least looking at everything, smelling the gorgeous aromas, chatting to the wonderful and ever helpful staff and discovering new items I'd never seen before... 
Lush you're forgiven, I've missed you!

I picked up an Intergalactic bath bomb which I really love. I made a vow to use it when I next felt really down and fed up. That ended up being that very same night. I ran a lovely hot bath (hell I planned on staying in there a while and getting my moneys worth!)
One thing I can never get over is the size of the Lush bath bombs, once you've picked up one of these bad boys, your average bath bomb is never going to compare again! There is something very special about them.
There are whole galaxies in the Intergalactic. It is memorising to watch it do its thing! Once the bath bomb is done fizzing the water settles into a deep blue with particles of what look like fine glitter floating around. (These did stick to my skin afterwards a bit) The colour and smell of my bath helped me relax so much. I didn't find the smell overpowering which is good, I could just smell a mild peppermint. The only issue I did have was when I came to empty the bath water. It did temporarily stain my bathtub slightly which made me panic, but this did go.
Is it worth the money? Yes, but I couldn't afford one of these every week, but it is a lovely treat for yourself every now and again, it would also make a special relaxing gift for someone else.
It's good to be reunited with Lush again I have missed them!
Buy the Intergalactic HERE
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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