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Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Trip to Wales - Photo Diary

 Hi All,

I've just come home after a week in Wales. As well as being on holiday, I had the time to do some of my favourite things. Here are some snaps I took while I was away to share on the blog.

A brisk walk along the pier. It was very windy and cold but the views of the Orme and looking back at Llandudno are great!


Of course I had to take a photo of this dude!

Although my job is an Illustrator it was nice to do some art just for myself while I was away. I'm going to be setting up an Etsy shop soon selling my illustrations, so it was fun to start planning for that. I also got some art for my blog done.


Up on the Little Orme. Believe it or not there are little seals down there! A Mum, Baby and maybe the Dad swimming in the sea. Unfortunately my camera didn't capture them.


 I had the time to read more of my new favourite magazine: Blogosphere. I discovered some more great Blogs while reading. I was also inspired to start planning the content of my Christmas blog posts too. In the evenings I enjoyed lovely relaxing bubble baths in a HUGE pink bathtub! (Where can I get one?!)

This cutie decided to follow us around for a while when we were shopping!

Fancy a dip?!!

There was a pebble beach at the end of the garden where we were staying. I went for a walk every day. It was great to clear my head and think through plans for the future. This trip was just what I needed to get some direction.

It was sad to come home but my Husband and I already have plans to go back next year as there's lots we want to do. After a very stressful Summer and a big bout of horrible depression, it was lovely to get away from it all.

Have you been away for an Autumn break? Let me know where you've been or plan to go.

Love, Roar Dinosaur!

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