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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sleek Makeup Mini Haul

Hi All,
I have a mini haul to share with you today, I love posts like this, so I thought I would give it a go myself! I'm sure at some point I will do reviews on the following products as well.
Something I have wanted to try for quite a while now is the Sleek Highlighter palette. I admit I was totally drawn in by several Youtube videos I have seen. I've watched the Youtuber's gasp in delight at the extreme glow, as they swipe their highlighting brush over their cheekbones. It left me sitting there practically stroking the screen saying I want it!

Anyway, I got the Solstice highlighter palette. The shiny gold packaging is a thing of beauty. There is one cream formula and 3 powders. I'm excited to try some Christmas looks with this.
 Buy yours HERE
I want to up my contour game and I also wanted to try the Sleek cream contour palette in light. I am not sure how well I will get on with this as I've never used cream contouring before, but so far so good. 
Buy yours Here

I really needed a new eyebrow pencil so I thought I would try the Sleek one out. I have been looking for a new eyebrow pencil for a while. Technically I should get lighter shades but they always come out looking a bit orange in my eyebrows for some reason, so I go a little darker. I always use it with a very light hand so it doesn't come out crazy dark. I literally just stroke the pencil over the hairs to give them some colour and fill in sparse areas and that's all I do to my eyebrows. 

I have already used this pencil and I am in love. The pencil is angled which helps with precision. You twist it, so no sharpening, Yay! The other end of the pencil has a brush. I always use a brush anyway so it's great to have it attached!
Buy yours HERE
Have you tried any Sleek makeup? Do let me know!
Love, Roar Dinosaur!
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  1. The Solstice palette has been on my wishlist for ages. Looks gorgeous!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! It's really beautiful, I've used it a few times now and it's totally worth adding to your makeup collection in my opinion x