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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Base Review

Hi All,
I'll be honest, I decided the other day I wasn't going to write another post until Blogmas began, so I missed Sundays post and I was going to miss today. The first reason for this is because I am currently typing up a lot of the Blogmas posts in advance and I just didn't have time for the regular blogging schedule too! The second reason was because I've just felt a bit out of sorts since I got back from my holiday, I've had a cold sore and eczema, which I always get when I am frazzled and run down. So I decided to listen to my body and try to look after myself. But right now I am missing my Blog and I need to write a post even though I was taking a week off! So today's post is happening after all!
I've been meaning to write this review for a while now, as it's about a product I really like and use often, which is the W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Base in White.
I've only been wearing an eyeshadow base for about a year and a half. This was the first one that I bought to try, because it was a great price (I think it's £5.95) I wanted to see if it really did make a difference -it did!
You know how when you paint your nails a neon colour, you really ought to use a white polish underneath to make them pop and truly show the neon pigment? Well, it's kind of similar for eyeshadow too. When you put this white base on your eyelid it cancels out your skin's natural colour and you're left with a blank white canvas. Whatever you put on top is going to be bold and the true pigmentation of the eye shadow will show.
The first swatch is eye shadow over the W7 base and the second swatch has no base. See the difference in pigmentation?!
The base is very creamy which seems to make the eyeshadow adhere to your eyes better, which gives great staying power and my eyeshadow mostly stays put all day. It also makes it easy to apply, with either your finger or a brush. A word of advice, - A little of this goes a long way. This product is going to last you a long time! On the website, it also says that it diminishes cracking and creasing, which I personally find it does.
At the time of writing this there aren't any available on the W7's website, but please do keep checking if you want this product, as it might be there now Here
What is your favourite Eye Shadow base?
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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  1. This sounds amazing, I can really see the difference in pigmentation! I haven't found a base or primer that I like so I'll have to give this a go x


    1. If they still dont have it on the website it might be on Ebay lovely! Thank you so much for reading and commenting :) xx