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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3: Things I love doing at Christmas time!

Hi All

I don't know about you but there are certain things I love doing each Christmas, It's tradition. Some of these may seem a little odd, but I think we all have weird little traditions we do each year.

  • When I put the tree up I cook a roast dinner while I decorate the tree and the house. I always cram as much as I can on our Christmas tree! No understated tree here. Our tree is bursting with decorations! We have Christmas music on and then when it's all done, I switch the tree lights on and we settle down with our roast and watch a Christmas film. This just sets the mood and makes me feel very festive!
  • When I moved out of my family home and in with my Husband, my mum gave me some of the tree decorations we'd been using my whole life. It is always amazing seeing ornaments and decorations that I am so familiar with every year, it's so nostalgic. It always reminds me of putting up the tree with my mum when I was little.
  • I love going to garden centres once all the Christmas decorations are out. I never really buy anything, but I just like looking at the displays. Again it just makes me feel very festive
  • I love going late night Christmas shopping. I love seeing all the lights and the huge tree that towns and cities normally have on display.
  • I love wrapping presents for people. I like to make them all pretty with ribbon, bows and tags. There's something very satisfying about seeing all the presents wrapped nicely in a pile waiting for friends and family to open them.
  • I love writing Christmas cards. Not many people I know actually enjoy writing out the huge pile of cards that seems to grow each year. I just play a Christmas film and once I get into the flow of writing them, I'm quite happy. It's another thing that makes me feel festive.
  • On Christmas day, when the whole family are sat at the table ready to eat, we always raise our glasses and toast the family members that are no longer here with us. It includes them on Christmas day and it's just a lovely tradition.
  • I also love looking out my window at night and seeing all the outdoor Christmas lights on people's houses. It looks so pretty!
    What do you look forward to each Christmas? (Apart from the obvious of course!)

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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