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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4: Blogging Goals for 2017

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Blogmas Day 4!
Today's post isn't going to be Christmas themed, sorry! I am going to be writing about my Blogging goals for the coming new year. I started this Blog in September this year, and I think that after a few months it's safe to say I am absolutely loving it and want to continue. So, in order to better myself and the content of my blog, I have come up with 7 goals to aim for in 2017.
  1. At number 1, I want to improve my photography for the blog. My photos haven't been very good as of yet. I have a great camera that I want to start using more often but I didn't want to invest in photography equipment, for example, Lights, until I was absolutely sure that I wanted to continue with this blogging thing!
  2. I want to be more present on Twitter and Instagram. In the last month I haven't been on Twitter as much, due to a holiday and then being busy. I miss taking part in the Twitter chats, which I really love. I have discovered so many awesome Blogs through the chats.

  4. I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow bloggers better. I think I have been holding back a bit as I am quite shy and everyone already seems to know each other. But instead of worrying that people won't like me, I am going to dive right in and chat with you guys more.
  5. This next goal again comes under the photography category, I want to start using better photo backgrounds and also better photo props. Can you tell a goal of mine is to up my photography game?!
  6. I am not really focusing too much on numbers at the moment, but I guess I do have certain goals in mind for 2017. For example, I hoped for 200 followers on Bloglovin and 1000 blog views by Christmas, and I have reached that. It's nice to have these goals in mind as it's something to aim for. I just don't want to get too consumed by this and make it my only focus. So yes I do have certain numbers I am aiming towards throughout 2017.
  7. To be even more organised. I am quite organised for my blog already, but it doesn't hurt to be even more so! I will be putting together an office space at the start of next year for blogging and also to do my Illustrations. At the moment everything is either done on a tiny table or on my bed and it's less than ideal. So next year I want to be better equipped and organised to make everything a little easier to do.
  8. And of course the most important is this last one: To continue to love blogging and have continue having fun!
Do you have any blogging goals for 2017? I'd love to hear them!
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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