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Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5: Last Minute Christmas Checklist

As much as I love Christmas, I have to admit, the lead-up and the day itself can be super stressful. There seems to be a never-ending list of things to remember. It's a lot easier when I try and stay as organised as possible. I really recommend writing a checklist that applies to your day. I've written down some ideas to go on a Christmas day checklist, feel free to add any to your own list. Some of these are so obvious, but it seems that the obvious ones are often the ones we overlook...
Have you got everyone's presents?
If you are buying gifts for others make sure you've got everything you need. So often we go Christmas shopping and get a little distracted... A new bag, hot chocolate and a set of new nails later and we forget what we came out for! If you're going out Christmas day, make sure all your gift bags and presents for others are somewhere your going to see so that you don't forget them!
Have you got enough wrapping paper, tags, ribbon and sellotape?
If you leave your wrapping until last minute, you really don't want to run out of these! You can't always get them a couple of days before Christmas as they've either ran out or your just stuck with whatever's left. It's better to overbuy and then if there is any left over you can use them next year!
Christmas cards, have you written all yours out?
Go through your address book, check the cards you've already received and make sure those names are on your list. Are your work colleges, neighbours and social groups also on your list? Make sure you have enough cards (I have run out so many times!) Have you got enough stamps? Make sure you double check the addresses! And finally, make sure these are sent out by the last post before Christmas to (try) and ensure they arrive before the big day.

If you don't eat meat this next one doesn't apply to you. This one is important. Every year family's get ill because of undercooked turkey or Christmas day gets ruined because someone forgets to set aside enough time to defrost the turkey. Make sure you know in advance how long it needs to defrost and how long it will take to cook. There's no shame in googling this or asking someone! Do you have a tray big enough for it to sit in? Also, plan out all your cooking times so everything arrives on the table at the same time.
Another Christmas dinner one: Have you got everything?
If some of your dinner ingredients are frozen, double check you have everything. Also double check your fresh ingredients, will they be in date by Christmas day? So often we buy fresh food and within a couple of days, it's gone off. Is there enough food for everybody? Are there enough refreshments and nibbles? Do you have enough plates? -An obvious one, but I know quite a few people who managed to overlook this and not have enough plates/cutlery/glasses etc.
If you're hosting Christmas day, do you have enough chairs?
This sounds like a weird one, but If you have a big family and everyone is coming to you, chances are you won't have enough chairs! I've watched films before where guests have had to sit on tiny children's chairs because of this!
Are you ready for Christmas day?
Try doing your beauty prep before Christmas day. If you leave this until the day itself, it's likely you'll run out of time and painting your nails in the car on the way to your parents, with a Wall's Viennetta balanced on your lap isn't the ideal! Try washing your hair the day before Christmas, not only will it be easier to style after you've slept on it, but it will buy you more time on Christmas morning. Also lay out your outfit and makeup as again it saves time.
Do you have suitable entertainment for everyone in case there's a lull in the day? Entertainment could include: Board games (of course), old photos - these can be nostalgic and provide a good laugh, old home videos (for the same reason), Drinking games, card games...
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  1. Great post. It is amazing how organized you are.