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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How I Like To Relax

 Hi, Everyone!

Today I thought I would talk about relaxation and how I try to wind down. I am one of those people who always feels stressed even when there's nothing to be stressed about! I find it incredibly hard to sit and do nothing, even when I watch a film, I like my laptop switched on and I work on my blog or a project. I am sure you'll agree when you have a blog or work from home, it's so hard to turn the laptop off and put your phone down.

Below are a few things I enjoy doing to try and wind down:


Although I bathe everyday, it's rare I just sit in the tub for a long time and unwind. When I do get the chance to do this, I like to make it different to a normal bath. I'll add a bath bomb from Lush or Along Came Betty, which makes it a bit more special and I'll either read or watch Youtube videos on my phone or Tablet. I have a lot of joint and muscle problems so this type of bath is always a welcome treat.


Setting the Mood:

Sometimes in order to try and relax, we need to set the mood to help us psychologically. I'll light some candles and breathe in deeply and on the outward breath, I'll imagine all my stresses being released from my body. This actually works, I try and do this when I feel anxious as well. Scented candles and incense can help relax me too.

Drawing and Creating:

My job is a book illustrator and it can be quite stressful. However drawing is one of my favourite pastimes. I can get lost in creating a drawing or painting for a few hours and I don't really think about anything but that. It's one of the few times I actually put my phone down for a long period of time! After drawing to a brief for a book it's wonderful to actually just draw what I want and not have to worry how good it is or whether the proportions are correct! I LOVE flicking through fashion magazines, finding an image that inspires me and then drawing it. I like trying out new things, my sketchbook is a place to just draw what I want and be free and imperfect.

^I drew this image of the wrestler Bret Hart for my Husband.

^ An image I drew from a magazine I still haven't finished her hair though, oops!

 Writing and Planning:
I like writing down Blog ideas and planning different projects I'm doing. I class this as winding down because I enjoy it and it's not stressful. What can be stressful though is the next stage when I try and put those projects into practice. I used to write a diary too which I recommend for unloading and winding down, however, I don't really do this anymore as I don't get time.


My favourite Magazine is Blogosphere. I get so much from it, I've never got so much value for money from a magazine before. I am still reading through the latest issue which has Zoella as the cover star. I like to read through it in the morning or at night with a cuppa, I learn so much from it. The images are always beautiful to look at too! If you don't already read it, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy, you can buy yours HERE I also adore getting lost in a book, I always have. I have way too many books -3 bookcases and numerous storage boxes to be exact! I tend to read just before I go to sleep. Although I don't manage to read books as quick as I used to, I still finish them quite quickly. My Mum and Nan read a book then pass it on to each other so we all read the same novel then discuss it, kind of like a book club. Then the book goes to the charity shop.

How do you wind down?

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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  1. I love baths and scented candles too :)
    Your drawings are amazing! I wish I could draw like that


    1. Baths and scented candles are the best aren't they?! Aww thank you so much lovely. Thanks for reading and commenting xx