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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My review of NYX Lip Lingerie in Push-Up

Hi Everyone!

Today I thought I'd do a good old review! I bought an NYX liquid lipstick last month and after testing it out, I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you.

I don't think I have bought any NYX products before and I have been wanting to try one of their liquid lipsticks for a while. Now, if you do read my blog you'll know that I am utterly addicted to applying lip balm and how much I detest having dry lips, but I love the look of matte lip products. So I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them!
Of course, I picked my usual nude lip colour -a pinky brown. I must have a tonne of lip products in this colour but I just love this type of shade so much! This particular nude is called Push-Up.

I did the sniff test and didn't smell an artificial perfumed smell or a flavour, which I'm glad about, as some of them are very heady and sickly. It has the very slightest smell but that could just be from the batch I got.


I love the applicator as it's quite long so helps to distribute product on the lips quickly and evenly. I am pretty bad at applying liquid lipsticks so when the applicator is small the lipstick starts to dry before you've finished applying and it can make for uneven coverage. I also use lip liner to help me get a neater looking application. I use MUA's Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat, it's a similar colour to Push-Up. You can get the lip liner Here if you want to try it, it's only £1.

Push-Up feels creamy but once dried the formula is weightless and not sticky with one or two layers. I found it was touch dry in about 1 min and dries slightly darker than initially applies. The coverage is fairly even and smooth, but I have had the occasional tiny lump. Obviously, like every other liquid lipstick seems to be, it is quite unforgiving if you have dry, cracked lips so exfoliating your lips can help.

It does last quite well and I found I had a few hours of nice looking wear before having to reapply or remove. (I find it's better to just remove and reapply as that way you don't get flaky bumps from the previous layer) I remove mine with a baby wipe or makeup wipe. It lasts quite well when eating too but the middle does wear off.
Swatch of Push-Up taken in natural light

 All in all, I really like this product and I would recommend it, and for only £6.50 it's well worth it!
You can buy it Here
Do you like NYX products? Tell me below!
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tips for working from home

Hi Everyone!
I have been working for myself since 2010, the last three years of that as a freelance book illustrator. I think a lot of people have the misconception that working for yourself from home is easy, and while I don't envy those of you who have to go out to work, working from home certainly isn't easy. It has its perks, but like anything in life, it also has its downsides too.
This year I have vowed that I am going to set a work routine and get more organised, so these are some ideas I have put together for myself. I plan on sticking to them as much as I can. I thought I would pop them on the blog in case anyone else might benefit from them too.

I am just going to throw a little disclaimer up: What I am writing here may not work for you. We are all different (Thank god!) and we all have different ways of doing things. So what might work for me, might not necessarily work for you.
Make an area to work from
Previously I worked from bed, and although I will still do this from time to time, I was fed up of losing my stationary in my bedding, finding pens stuck in my back when I went to sleep and eraser bits everywhere. Not to mention if I used charcoal pencils it would mark my sheets! This year I put together an office space for me to blog and illustrate in, it's only small but I'm seeing a difference already! Using your bed as an office isn't always the best thing to do, if you associate your bed with work, then it no longer becomes a place to unwind and sleep. 

Make sure your working area is comfy, practical and also looks how you want it too, this will encourage you to use it. Try adding flowers, inspirational quotes, photos and ornaments. It needn't cost the Earth though.
This is the desk I bought Here
Draws for my office area Here

If you set yourself a routine and try and stick to it, you'll be more likely to be productive. Hang a calendar on the wall and mark down what needs doing and for when. I use a diary as well, I write everything in there as I have the worst memory! Also make sure you set yourself a start/finish time, breaks and lunch, just like you would have if you went out to work.

Get Ready
Often when we work from home we wear PJ's and don't get me wrong, I love being able to do that, but sometimes it can put us in the wrong mindset. If you were going out to work, you'd get up and get ready, right? So perhaps on sluggish days, it might help you get in the mindset of working if you get ready and put on clothes. You want to be comfy but not comfy enough to fall asleep at your desk! If I am feeling particularly lazy, I will also do my makeup and hair too, don't ask me how it helps, it just does!

Be Strict...
When you are your own boss it's so easy to make excuses and let yourself get away with slacking, sometimes we need to be a bit stricter with ourselves. It's very easy to stay in bed that hour longer than we should, or that half hour break we take turns into a two-hour long Youtube watching marathon, or maybe we might not work at all and just tell our self to work longer tomorrow.

...But don't be too strict!
On the other hand, try not to work through the day with no breaks whatsoever. It can be easy to get lost in work and power through, but by the end of the day we feel broken and were too tired to even unwind! We perform better when we walk away for a little while and come back to something with a fresher perspective, so make sure you take breaks.

When we work for ourselves there's also a tendency to not ever fully switch off. I'm looking at you answering emails at 1 am! Make sure you do switch off and set yourself a finish time and try to stick to it as best you can.
Basically, it's about finding the right balance for you!
The best piece of advice I can give you is to find the right balance between work, rest and play.

Do you work from home? If so, do you have any tips? Let me know below!

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Friday, 17 February 2017

What I've loved wearing this Winter!

Hi, Everyone!

As you can tell, I am not a fashion blogger, but I would like to start incorporating fashion onto my blog a little this year. I used to have much more stylish clothes, then anti-depressants, PCOS and weight gain happened and I wanted to disappear into the background. All I've worn for years are black trousers and baggy tops. This year I want to try and not hate my plus size body anymore. I don't want to cover myself up and be invisible, I want to wear clothes I actually like and I'll show them here on the blog.

Although I am not ready for full body shots and posing, I thought perhaps I could still give this a go and show you a few of the items I've loved wearing this winter and why! (Thank you to my lovely Husband for taking the photos that I couldn't take!)


I haven't worn jeans for years as I was worried I was now 'too big' for them, but I thought I would give these ones a go, as I've been wearing shapeless black trousers for years now and I actually think they make me look bigger!

These jeans are wonderful. I love them, they feel nice and stretchy and not like they're going to cut me in half when I sit down! Which is great because that's one of the reasons I stopped wearing jeans. They have a nice high waist, perfect to keep that muffin top of mine in place! The rips add nice interest and they would look perfect with sneakers/trainers or heeled boots in the winter and flip flops in summer. I am very happy with them.
 You can get the New Look Curves Blue Ripped Mom Jeans Here

 This image is from New Looks website Here

Moon & Stars Top

I had no idea that Boohoo had a plus size range but they do and some of their stuff like my moon and stars top is amazing! This top is so comfy and stretchy, I could sleep in it! I love the designs on the sleeves. It reminds me of those little sun and moon silver choker things from the 90's! You can dress up this top with accessories such as a statement necklace and some bracelets if you wanted. It's one of those tops that can be layered in autumn/winter yet can also be worn in spring. Get yours Here

Olive Brantano boots

* These gorgeous Olive Faux Suede boots are from Brantano. As a shoe lover, I am surprised I've never had anything from them before, so I didn't know what to expect. They arrived in perfect condition and are utterly gorgeous. I like the fact that they dress an outfit up a little and also the colour goes with my parka. They are really comfy and soft, I didn't previously own anything like them. I probably wouldn't be able to wear this size heel for a full shopping day as I can't wear heels too long due to joint problems. But I still enjoy wearing them out for a meal or a little walk. These are the sort of boots you can wear dressed up or down, I also think they would look great with leggings/tights and a cute dress in Autumn, so they may pop up again in another post in the future.
EDITED 23/03/2017: Sadly Brantano has gone into administration, so these boots are no longer available. Lately I've really been enjoying footwear from here so do check them out!

Yours Clothing Parka:

My Parka is from Yours Clothing which my parents kindly bought for me at the start of winter. It's the comfiest coat I've ever had and is lined with fleece, it keeps me super cosy and warm. It's quite oversized which I love but has drawstrings at the waist to give some shape if you want it. It's great quality and I can see this lasting me many winters. If I could wear it all year long I would. You can get one Here

This photo is taken from the Yours Clothing website Here

Purple Sharks patches on rucksack:

* These fun and quirky patches are from Purple Sharks, a unique and friendly online store. I've always been a fan of patches, I used to have loads on my school bag and shirts. Purple Sharks sell a patch to suit everyone. Whilst browsing the site I spotted a lipstick, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, a pineapple and a Pikachu! I love how different these are. 10 people can have the same jacket but these allow you to customise something, make it your own and stand out from the crowd. Although these are iron-on patches, I always sew mine on so that if I want to move them onto something else I can. I used my two on this black and white mini rucksack I have, I think it adds a pop of colour and gives my bag a new lease of life. The patches are priced at only £3 and are really great quality. You can find them Here 

Items marked with a * were kindly sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Please tell me what you've loved wearing this Winter below!

 Love Roar Dinosaur!

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Let's talk blogging with anxiety...

Hi, Everyone!

* I have tried EVERYTHING to make the text and layout of this post correct but for some reason Blogger is not co-operating, so some parts of this post may look a bit off! Sorry.

This is going to be a long post so grab your favourite beverage, a snack and please get comfy...

Something I noticed not long after I started Blogging was that there's a lot of other bloggers who suffer from some form of anxiety and how supportive the majority of the blogging community is. This made me feel like I wasn't so alone. I've met some great bloggers who suffer from anxiety and I realised that a lot of the feelings I have surrounding my anxiety are shared with others. It makes my day if I am scrolling through Twitter and I see a blogger friend has accomplished something such as managing to go out, which sounds simple, but if you have anxiety it's really not. I also love how supportive we all are if somebody is really struggling too.

I get very annoyed when I read comments like "Not another Blogger/Youtuber with anxiety!" It's not exclusive to a select few, it's actually a lot more common than you might think. Perhaps the reason you are hearing more about it nowadays is because people feel they can talk about it! The more people who speak up and spread the word the more it becomes less misunderstood. So instead of thinking that everyone and their auntie is copying each other, perhaps those who mock should instead admire our bravery for speaking out! (That goes for any illness that people speak out about whether it be mental or physical)

I had an idea for a blog post about bloggers with anxiety, how our anxieties effect our blogs, but also how blogging can make it better. And of course, if you're reading this and you have anxiety, it will hopefully remind you that you are not alone!!

 I put a call out on Twitter for Bloggers that suffer from any form of Anxiety to answer some questions for the post I wanted to write. Below are some amazing bloggers who not only want to share some of their story with you but they also have words of wisdom to share as well. I am very grateful to them for taking part, and I ask you to please check out their blogs once you've read this post!

Image by me

I thought it was only fair that I also answer my own questions, so I have gone first:

1.) Does having anxiety ever effect any aspect of your blogging? Such as the pressures of posting regular quality content, blogging events, ideas for posts etc...
There are two sides of blogging for me. It has actually helped my mental health by giving me something to focus on. I started my blog last September and it was a great distraction after a horrible summer filled with depression and anxiety. I've gained a tiny bit of much-needed confidence by 'meeting' other bloggers online and putting myself out there. However, a lot of what triggers my anxiety such as stress, deadlines and pressure seem to go hand in hand with my blog. Also, I worry that because my writing isn't amazing I shouldn't be doing this. I doubt myself a lot. But for me, the good out ways the bad, or I wouldn't be doing this!
2.) Do you talk about having anxiety on your blog? If so do you ever worry about others who don't understand judging you?
 I do. But I worry a little about getting grief from those that don't understand, but that's across the board, not just because the subject is anxiety. Every time I post I am worried someone will leave a hate comment or write something about me. But that's my issue, no one has ever given me reason to feel like that so far. I do worry that among those reading my anxiety posts is one of those people I mentioned above who assume that all bloggers and youtubers are faking anxiety and other mental health issues for attention. But there is always that voice in the back of my head saying 'This could help someone, post it!'
3.) Do you have any advice for anyone reading this blog post who also suffers from anxiety?
 Don't let the feeling of being doubted put you off talking about having anxiety or anything for that matter. Mental Health should be talked about. It needs to be talked about. You never know who you could be helping not feel so alone anymore, and that is an awesome thing! Blogging really has helped me a lot. Anxiety is personal to everyone, we all have different triggers. It can be helpful to identify them and work from there.

Name: Jaye Rose
Twitter: @jayerosex
1.) Does having anxiety ever effect any aspect of your blogging? Such as the pressures of posting regular quality content, blogging events, ideas for posts etc...
I do find myself getting overly anxious and berating myself if I don’t promote my blog or post often. I often feel envious and anxious that I’m not part of wider blogging communities and that I won’t ever sort of edge my way into those circles.
2.) Do you talk about having anxiety on your blog? If so do you ever worry about others who don't understand judging you?
 My blog is very, very personal and I’ve been a lot more honest on there about my mental health than I ever thought I would be but I feel like my anxiety issues aren’t just a “big part of my life”, they are my life. My whole adult life has been built around my anxiety. The only part I have never been open about is what fuels my anxiety as I don’t want to be a target for trolling.
3.) Do you have any advice for anyone reading this blog post who also suffers from anxiety?
 Meds never worked for me personally as I felt they just masked the issue instead of dealing with the root cause but I know many people who have felt better with the help of medication. DO NOT SELF MEDICATE. I use to drink heavily as a way of blocking out everything but found my anxiety increased tenfold and I’d torture myself for days afterwards as I couldn’t remember everything I’d done. I’ve recently discovered yoga and although I still haven’t mastered the “stilling my mind” aspect of it, I have found its done wonders for undoing the tension I build up in my muscles every day!
Name: Alessia
Blog address: www.theblondpond.com
Twitter: @theblondpond
1.) Does having anxiety ever effect any aspect of your blogging? Such as the pressures of posting regular quality content, blogging events, ideas for posts etc…
Blogging events are really hard, especially since, if I talk to someone, they bring up all the things that I’m doing wrong. I know I write well and I sort of am confident in writing for “real publications” (interestingly including other people’s blogs!) but it’s being really hard to get into a frame of mind that would have me take blogging more seriously than just a hobby and being around people who are successful at that means I have to face the fact I’m not there, why I’m not, whether I want to and, if not why I don’t, if it’s a legitimate reason or fear of the pressures that come with it, or of losing authenticity etc. Also I re-read and edit everything for way too long and still hit publish feeling like it’s not good enough why am I even doing this? At time of writing this very sentence I have re-read my responses to this interview already 3 times...
2.) Do you talk about having anxiety on your blog? If so do you ever worry about others who don't understand judging you?
I don’t really talk about it. If I mention anything on the blog or on social media it tends to be in passing, as part of my experience of life as a whole. I would like to do something to raise more awareness of things and I have some plans to do it in the near future, but while I admire anyone who blogs specifically about such issues I get more anxiety at the idea that whenever I open up about something then people would reduce me to that and even patronise me so at present I’m more comfortable treating it like just another thing about me, something that I have to live with in the same way I have to live with keeping my blood sugar in check or not having meat on Fridays. It’s sort of hoping that if I don’t make a big deal about it then people won’t make a big deal of it, but it is quite a big deal and I wish I didn’t feel like I have to dismiss the role it plays in my life for the sake of it not taking it over.  

3.) Do you have any advice for anyone reading this blog post who also suffers from anxiety?
Never ever ever feel ashamed if you need help, or if you need help again after you’ve had therapy before, or if you feel like nobody understands what it’s really like to live with anxiety and that it’s not “just worrying”, especially not just worrying about the kind of things it’s normal and healthy to be worried about. It hurts to feel misunderstood and like you can’t be open with others, and if really you hit a wall like this just get together the courage to reach out and find people who understand what it’s like to be around, there’s a lot more people than you think walking the journey alongside you :) (I mean, you are reading this blog after all!). It’s frightening, especially as you’re connecting with people over something that makes us feel really vulnerable, but it's worth the effort. I wouldn’t be here writing this if I hadn’t done it. Remember, you are valuable, you are loved, anxiety doesn’t define you and anxiety cannot ultimately win if you keep fighting. 
Name: Yasmina Magdy
Twitter/Instagram: @julyjournal 

1.) Does having anxiety ever effect any aspect of your blogging? Such as the pressures of posting regular quality content, blogging events, ideas for posts etc…
Blogging is my hobby and as much as it gives me something to concentrate on, it does come with added pressures especially when I am feeling anxious. I'm also questioning the content that I put out on my blog because I want it to be a place on the internet for people to look back on and love. Blogging events make me so nervous but at the same time I love meeting new bloggers, especially local ones! I always feel nervous about missing a blog post hence why I try and schedule my posts a week ahead of time. 

2.) Do you talk about having anxiety on your blog? If so do you ever worry about others who don't understand judging you?
I have talked about anxiety on my blog previously but I want it to be a happy place for people to go to and rather than talk about it, I want to find steps that have helped me and can hopefully help others. I am always worried when I post personal content on my blog because I don't want people to judge me or to not understand where I am coming from. A lot of the time I just bin the post before publishing as well.
3.) Do you have any advice for anyone reading this blog post who also suffers from anxiety?
 Honestly, I would just go for it! It can be just the outlet that you are needing. Blogging gives you something to concentrate on. Don't concentrate on the numbers, just do it for your own happiness. Without blogging, I would have nothing to pick me up or to concentrate on when I am feeling anxious or upset. Whenever you are feeling anxious about blogging just remember - it's the camera and you. No one is watching you, and think of it like your online diary of events. One day you are talking about your favourite lipstick and the following day you are sharing your favourite shoes. Take it one day at a time. 
      Name: JustGeorgeJ
Blog Address: https://justgeorgej.wordpress.com/
: @JustGeorgeJ_UNI
1.)   Does having anxiety ever effect any aspect of your blogging? Such as the pressures of posting regular quality content, blogging events, ideas for posts etc...
No, having anxiety does not affect any aspect of my blogging. I started my blog, for me more than anything. At first it was just about documenting my journey and then it slowly turned into me writing help and advice articles and sharing my experiences and my theory was, even if it helped one person, that’s something. I post as of when I can, as much as I can. Plus, my blog has never gone ‘huge’ so I don’t have to worry.

2.)    Do you talk about having anxiety on your blog? If so do you ever worry about others who don't understand judging you?
Yes, since being diagnosed with anxiety I have started talking about it on my blog. I do not worry about those who don’t understand judging me as that’s not something I should worry about. Having anxiety does not change who I am, it is not a negative thing, it is part of me and that is fine. If people don’t understand it, then fair enough. As long as they take the chance to understand, then that’s all I can ask.
3.)    Do you have any advice for anyone reading this blog post who also suffers from anxiety?
If you have anxiety and you are reading this just know you are definitely not alone. There are a lot of people who suffer with anxiety and don’t suffer in silence. Don’t be scared that people will judge you – the right people won’t. There are plenty of paths you can take – all it takes is 10 seconds of insane bravery to start along that path.

Name: Tessa
Blog address:
Twitter: the_grumpy_mum

1.) Does having anxiety ever effect any aspect of your blogging? Such as the pressures of posting regular quality content, blogging events, ideas for posts etc...
I actually find blogging does the opposite of causing anxiety. The rhythm of tasks to complete and checking them off is very soothing to me. It’s simple, routine and I understand it. There’s nothing that is required of me I can’t predict or control and control is very important to me.

2.) Do you talk about having anxiety on your blog? If so do you ever worry about others who don't understand judging you?
My blog is only 2 months old and as yet I haven’t written about anxiety but I am intending to do so in the future. I don’t worry about people knowing I have anxiety issues as in my experience, more people do than don’t.

3.) Do you have any advice for anyone reading this blog post who also suffers from anxiety?
Work out what your trigger is. It could seem that your anxiety is set off by random things. For me it could be trains, Feeling ill at work, Staying in hospital… The link was a lack of control of my immediate environment. Once you know exactly what your trigger is it’s much easier to work out ways to avoid situations which cause a trigger and develop a coping strategy for when you can’t.

Thank you again to the brave Bloggers who agreed to answer questions for this blog post. Please do check their blogs out and give them a follow!


Sunday, 5 February 2017

January faves!

Hi, Everyone!

Is it too late to do my January faves? I hope not because that's what you're going to get today!

It's a bit scary just how fast last month went. I am always a little sad at the start of January, I mourn December, a month full of family get-togethers, awesome food, chilling out and of course Christmas. I find January such a weird month, Were at that awkward stage where were getting back to normal after Christmas and the prospect of the year ahead is so daunting. However that being said, this month ended up not being too bad after all!

I went a bit wild and bought much more than I should have! I bought quite a few bits at Primark. I've always previously found Primark hit and miss, but now I understand why everyone raves about it! The bags are extremely good quality and so sturdy, mine were only £12 each and they are amazing value for money! I needed a few other bits too. I think Primark may be my new fave shop. (Late to the party as always!)

I can't find this bag or exact wallet on the website to link, sorry!

You can buy this bag HERE

I also bought a Jeffree Star lipstick from the Lip Ammunition range, which I reviewed and you can read Here. I really love this lipstick and have been wearing it almost daily. The colour is right up my street and it's very long lasting.

That wasn't the only lip product I bought, I also got an NYX liquid lipstick from Boots, which I won't say too much about as I plan on reviewing at some point. I've been wanting to try these for ages as I love the colours they have. The problem I have is that I hate having dry lips and I sometimes find liquid lipsticks hard to apply, but this one is really nice.

I had a win with my anxiety this month, as I've written before, I suffer from pretty bad social anxiety. But this month I managed to go out on a mini shopping trip and lunch with my Husband. We had a really good day. At the end of last year, I vowed to myself that I would leave the house more often this year, If I can do something like this each month I will be happy! It's progress after all. Here are a few photos from our lunch!


What was your January like?

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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Friday, 3 February 2017

Henny & Joes Chocolate Chai

Hi Everyone,

I was very kindly sent a bottle of the award-winning Chocolate Chai by Ash Bailey from Henny & Joe's. (Website HERE)
The story behind Henny & Joe's begins with Ash the founder working in the hospitality industry in Bath for over 10 years. These establishments served Chai, however, they contained needless additives. Ash perfected his own completely natural Chai recipe and launched his company in 2013.

I love the ethos of Henny & Joe's, from the adorable black and white photo of Ash and his son's on the website; whom the company is named after. To the mention of wanting to work with and supply other small independent businesses' and they also do their bit for the environment too.
All the ingredients are 100% natural, caffeine, allergen and artificial preservation free. Also it is Vegan-friendly. When you take a sip expect the taste of spices including cardamom, ginger, star anise, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, mixed spice, fennel seed and cinnamon, followed by the subtle taste of Chocolate.
I love the versatility of this syrup. You can add a tablespoon to water or milk (almond, soy or cows) you can also drizzle it on your breakfast porridge or you can bake with it, which I did below.
I followed the recipe for the Chai Cupcakes they were delicious and my Husband and I devoured them! The Chocolate Chai added a different twist to the usual cupcake taste. There are lots of other recipes to try on their website too.

The syrup made into a drink was so different from anything I have ever tasted before. It was very warming and made a cosy drink. Perfect for a cold winter evening, curled up in front of the fire! I recommend this if you're looking to try something new to drink or bake with.
You can buy the Chocolate Chai or the Masala Chai HERE
Thank you very much, Henny & Joe's!
* I received this drink for review but all opinions are my own.
Have you tried this drink before?
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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