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Friday, 3 February 2017

Henny & Joes Chocolate Chai

Hi Everyone,

I was very kindly sent a bottle of the award-winning Chocolate Chai by Ash Bailey from Henny & Joe's. (Website HERE)
The story behind Henny & Joe's begins with Ash the founder working in the hospitality industry in Bath for over 10 years. These establishments served Chai, however, they contained needless additives. Ash perfected his own completely natural Chai recipe and launched his company in 2013.

I love the ethos of Henny & Joe's, from the adorable black and white photo of Ash and his son's on the website; whom the company is named after. To the mention of wanting to work with and supply other small independent businesses' and they also do their bit for the environment too.
All the ingredients are 100% natural, caffeine, allergen and artificial preservation free. Also it is Vegan-friendly. When you take a sip expect the taste of spices including cardamom, ginger, star anise, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, mixed spice, fennel seed and cinnamon, followed by the subtle taste of Chocolate.
I love the versatility of this syrup. You can add a tablespoon to water or milk (almond, soy or cows) you can also drizzle it on your breakfast porridge or you can bake with it, which I did below.
I followed the recipe for the Chai Cupcakes they were delicious and my Husband and I devoured them! The Chocolate Chai added a different twist to the usual cupcake taste. There are lots of other recipes to try on their website too.

The syrup made into a drink was so different from anything I have ever tasted before. It was very warming and made a cosy drink. Perfect for a cold winter evening, curled up in front of the fire! I recommend this if you're looking to try something new to drink or bake with.
You can buy the Chocolate Chai or the Masala Chai HERE
Thank you very much, Henny & Joe's!
* I received this drink for review but all opinions are my own.
Have you tried this drink before?
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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