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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My review of NYX Lip Lingerie in Push-Up

Hi Everyone!

Today I thought I'd do a good old review! I bought an NYX liquid lipstick last month and after testing it out, I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you.

I don't think I have bought any NYX products before and I have been wanting to try one of their liquid lipsticks for a while. Now, if you do read my blog you'll know that I am utterly addicted to applying lip balm and how much I detest having dry lips, but I love the look of matte lip products. So I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them!
Of course, I picked my usual nude lip colour -a pinky brown. I must have a tonne of lip products in this colour but I just love this type of shade so much! This particular nude is called Push-Up.

I did the sniff test and didn't smell an artificial perfumed smell or a flavour, which I'm glad about, as some of them are very heady and sickly. It has the very slightest smell but that could just be from the batch I got.


I love the applicator as it's quite long so helps to distribute product on the lips quickly and evenly. I am pretty bad at applying liquid lipsticks so when the applicator is small the lipstick starts to dry before you've finished applying and it can make for uneven coverage. I also use lip liner to help me get a neater looking application. I use MUA's Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat, it's a similar colour to Push-Up. You can get the lip liner Here if you want to try it, it's only £1.

Push-Up feels creamy but once dried the formula is weightless and not sticky with one or two layers. I found it was touch dry in about 1 min and dries slightly darker than initially applies. The coverage is fairly even and smooth, but I have had the occasional tiny lump. Obviously, like every other liquid lipstick seems to be, it is quite unforgiving if you have dry, cracked lips so exfoliating your lips can help.

It does last quite well and I found I had a few hours of nice looking wear before having to reapply or remove. (I find it's better to just remove and reapply as that way you don't get flaky bumps from the previous layer) I remove mine with a baby wipe or makeup wipe. It lasts quite well when eating too but the middle does wear off.
Swatch of Push-Up taken in natural light

 All in all, I really like this product and I would recommend it, and for only £6.50 it's well worth it!
You can buy it Here
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  1. This is such a pretty color! I didn't really like the Soft Matte lip creams but these sound more up my street x

    Beauty From Katie

    1. I agree! It's so pretty :) for me it's the perfect nude! Xxx