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Friday, 17 February 2017

What I've loved wearing this Winter!

Hi, Everyone!

As you can tell, I am not a fashion blogger, but I would like to start incorporating fashion onto my blog a little this year. I used to have much more stylish clothes, then anti-depressants, PCOS and weight gain happened and I wanted to disappear into the background. All I've worn for years are black trousers and baggy tops. This year I want to try and not hate my plus size body anymore. I don't want to cover myself up and be invisible, I want to wear clothes I actually like and I'll show them here on the blog.

Although I am not ready for full body shots and posing, I thought perhaps I could still give this a go and show you a few of the items I've loved wearing this winter and why! (Thank you to my lovely Husband for taking the photos that I couldn't take!)


I haven't worn jeans for years as I was worried I was now 'too big' for them, but I thought I would give these ones a go, as I've been wearing shapeless black trousers for years now and I actually think they make me look bigger!

These jeans are wonderful. I love them, they feel nice and stretchy and not like they're going to cut me in half when I sit down! Which is great because that's one of the reasons I stopped wearing jeans. They have a nice high waist, perfect to keep that muffin top of mine in place! The rips add nice interest and they would look perfect with sneakers/trainers or heeled boots in the winter and flip flops in summer. I am very happy with them.
 You can get the New Look Curves Blue Ripped Mom Jeans Here

 This image is from New Looks website Here

Moon & Stars Top

I had no idea that Boohoo had a plus size range but they do and some of their stuff like my moon and stars top is amazing! This top is so comfy and stretchy, I could sleep in it! I love the designs on the sleeves. It reminds me of those little sun and moon silver choker things from the 90's! You can dress up this top with accessories such as a statement necklace and some bracelets if you wanted. It's one of those tops that can be layered in autumn/winter yet can also be worn in spring. Get yours Here

Olive Brantano boots

* These gorgeous Olive Faux Suede boots are from Brantano. As a shoe lover, I am surprised I've never had anything from them before, so I didn't know what to expect. They arrived in perfect condition and are utterly gorgeous. I like the fact that they dress an outfit up a little and also the colour goes with my parka. They are really comfy and soft, I didn't previously own anything like them. I probably wouldn't be able to wear this size heel for a full shopping day as I can't wear heels too long due to joint problems. But I still enjoy wearing them out for a meal or a little walk. These are the sort of boots you can wear dressed up or down, I also think they would look great with leggings/tights and a cute dress in Autumn, so they may pop up again in another post in the future.
EDITED 23/03/2017: Sadly Brantano has gone into administration, so these boots are no longer available. Lately I've really been enjoying footwear from here so do check them out!

Yours Clothing Parka:

My Parka is from Yours Clothing which my parents kindly bought for me at the start of winter. It's the comfiest coat I've ever had and is lined with fleece, it keeps me super cosy and warm. It's quite oversized which I love but has drawstrings at the waist to give some shape if you want it. It's great quality and I can see this lasting me many winters. If I could wear it all year long I would. You can get one Here

This photo is taken from the Yours Clothing website Here

Purple Sharks patches on rucksack:

* These fun and quirky patches are from Purple Sharks, a unique and friendly online store. I've always been a fan of patches, I used to have loads on my school bag and shirts. Purple Sharks sell a patch to suit everyone. Whilst browsing the site I spotted a lipstick, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, a pineapple and a Pikachu! I love how different these are. 10 people can have the same jacket but these allow you to customise something, make it your own and stand out from the crowd. Although these are iron-on patches, I always sew mine on so that if I want to move them onto something else I can. I used my two on this black and white mini rucksack I have, I think it adds a pop of colour and gives my bag a new lease of life. The patches are priced at only £3 and are really great quality. You can find them Here 

Items marked with a * were kindly sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Please tell me what you've loved wearing this Winter below!

 Love Roar Dinosaur!

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