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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Boutique of Molly review & what's in my bag?

Hi Everyone!

There are so many types of Youtube videos that I love watching, and a good old What's in my bag? is up there as one of my faves. I thought it would make a fun blog post, so here I am today to show you my new bag and what I carry around in it. I think it's human nature to be a bit nosey! A lot of us cart around huge bags and you can see our partners thinking 'what the hell does she need a bag that big for? Is she taking the kitchen sink out with us!?' Every time I go out I tell myself I won't take much, but I end up taking a lot, and my bag is really heavy. From chewing gum to a huge heavy camera, my bag is always filled to capacity, so I thought I would give you a little tour!

* But first the bag!


My current bag is from Boutique of Molly They have some lovely clothes & accessories available, but as soon as I saw the Cairo bag I knew it was the one! My bag arrived quickly in a cute pink parcel which I liked, as it made it more girly and special. I like little touches like that! Whenever I buy a bag online I like to hang it up for about a week to let it get some shape back, as bags can get creased in the post. The Cairo bag is very well made and good quality. I love the look of it, the design of it reminds me a bit of a Louis Vuitton checkered bag. It has a nice strong zip which I like because I always worry that when my bag isn't shut properly I am basically inviting people to steal from it! Inside it has 4 pockets including two zipped which I really like as it keeps girly things for that time of the month secure and hidden. The metal work on the bag is gold which I think adds a little pop of interest against the black and brown. I normally would like a long shoulder strap as well as the handles, but being a bag collector I already have a few kicking about that would match this bag, so I can just attach one of those if I ever want one. It's very comfy to wear and the sturdy handles fit nicely over the crook of my arm. The design is the sort you could wear casual or as a going out bag. As a self-confessed bag lover, I would highly recommend the Cairo bag and Boutique of Molly!

Okay, now what exactly am I lugging around in this gorgeous bag?


I will probably do another post about what's in my makeup bag in more detail. I never go out without it. I like to be able to top my makeup up throughout the day. I put everything in this sleek makeup bag which I got free as part of a promotion in Superdrug in December. It's big enough for what I need, but it's not too bulky.

A Body Spray

This has been a bag staple of mine since high school and I've pretty much always used Impulse. It's nice to have a little spray throughout the day to freshen up. Taking perfume out can be heavy and there's always the worry that the bottle will break. Impulse have such an array of scents and I enjoy trying them all.

My Diary and pen

My little pink diary goes everywhere with me, my medication can make my memory a little fuzzy so I need to be able to write everything down so I remember what I am doing with my life! This is especially helpful in the fast paced world of blogging to keep tracks of post ideas, emails and things I need to remember to buy and do. I then have a big blogging diary at home which everything gets transferred into which lives in my office.

My iPhone

I literally take this everywhere I go. At times I worry that I am too dependent on my phone, but I don't care! I am about to open an Etsy shop, I illustrate books and I blog (obviously) so I need my phone to keep tabs on everything. iphones still amaze me. I've watched phones progress through the years, from when only a few people had them in early 90's and as kids, we would gather around in amazement at someone's massive phone, to now, when you're basically carrying a mini-computer around with you!

Hand Sanitiser

I have OCD with germs and to me, hand sanitiser is the only thing that will make my hands feel cleaner. In fact, I will wash my hands, dry them, then use hand sanitiser! I have a bottle in every room of my house and get through them very quickly. This is an absolute must for me if I am going out.

My Glasses

When I finally got my glasses a couple of years ago I vowed I would never wear them out and they were just for indoors. But I am finding that I am now wearing them out more frequently, as the more I use them the more I realise that when I don't, I really can't see a thing. If I were to bump into a friend, I wouldn't know until they were in front of me!

Lip Balm

I know this counts as something in my makeup bag, but this gets a section to itself. If you've read my blog before you might know that I am obsessed with lip balm. I cannot deal with having dry lips, it's become an obsession, I actually get panicky! I often have to give in with liquid lipstick after half an hour and slick on some lip balm, because I just cannot handle the dryness anymore. I get through a tube of Nivea original lip balm a month. So yeah, that's embarrassing to admit!

Hand Cream

I use hand sanitiser so much and it can dry my hands out, so it's nice to have a cream to pop on.

My Blogging Camera

The camera isn't pictured because I was using it! I've introduced my camera back into my bag since December. However a few years ago it used to go everywhere with me as I loved taking photos, I am now getting to grips with all the settings once again. This is something else I don't go anywhere without, you never know when a camera opportunity may present itself!

My Wallet

This wallet is from Primark. I can't find the exact one online to link I'm sorry. It's so pretty and was so inexpensive.
Hair Brush

I recently got a new smaller hair brush from Primark to keep in my bag, because my other brush is huge. Plus it's pink so...!

Chewing Gum

As well as giving you minty fresh breath, I also find that chewing when I have anxiety can sometimes give me something to focus on, weird I know but it helps a little!

And believe it or not this is just the absolute basics, depending on where I go I might take more. Reading back through that list, it's no wonder I have back problems!

What do you take out in your bag? Let me know below.

* Boutique of Molly contacted me and offered me 30% off my bag in return for an honest review. But all opinions are my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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