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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Collagen+ Beauty Milk Review

I've been trying these delicious drinks from The Protein Drinks Co. for a couple of weeks now so I could review them for you.
'Collagen+ Beauty Milk is truly unique collagen beauty drink enriched with essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger-fighting protein! Enjoy at breakfast or in between meals as a versatile, healthy snack. Consume daily for visible results.' -From the website

There are so many benefits to drinking these. It feels good to know my body is getting lots of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein and collagen all in one go. Also, as someone who hates the taste of Green Tea, I'm glad that this drink contains natural Green Tea extract so that if I miss a cup I know I am still getting some of the benefits of Green Tea in this Beauty Milk. This clever drink contains Hydrolysed Collagen which works from within instead of on the surface of the skin like when you use a cream.

The Collagen+ Beauty Milk comes in a 200ml bottle, so if you're often too busy for breakfast then you could take it out on the go, so no excuses! I found that if I drank mine for breakfast then it did suppress my appetite and I lasted longer than normal till lunch. Or I would drink it later in the afternoon as a little snack.
If you're on a diet like me, then not too worry as there are only 112 calories and it tastes like strawberry milkshake so you feel like you're getting a naughty chilled treat, but it's not naughty!
I've been drinking the Collagen+ Beauty Milk combined with using the Moringa Oil I wrote about Here and I found they really did help clear up the few spots I had on my chin and my skin feels plumper than it did before. It's a great all round drink, as somebody who often feels very low in energy I do feel like I've had a little more since drinking these.

Not only can you buy these Here but you can also buy from Holland & Barrett and Tesco.
* I was kindly sent these drinks to review, but all my opinions are honest and my own.
** I am writing this review from my own experiences, make sure you check the ingredients to make sure you're not allergic to anything before buying.
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