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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Lets talk periods...

Let's face it, periods can be a real pain in the ass... or ovaries. As someone who suffers from PCOS I don't actually get mine regularly, but when I do they are really heavy and painful, the following are some things that help me cope a little better, so I thought I'd put them into a post and share them with you. None of these tips will change your life but they might make that time of the month that little bit easier!
My number one piece of advice is to look after yourself when you have your period. Be kind and don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself, as you are likely to be really sensitive.
Being Prepared
Even though our periods are (supposed) to visit monthly, they still sometimes manage to catch us unaware. So it's wise to keep a little bag, (a large makeup bag will do) aside for that time. You can keep sanitary towels/tampons, spare underwear, disposable bags and painkillers here then just move it from handbag to handbag. That way you are always prepared.
* Disposing the Right Way
Don't flush your sanitary towel, panty liners and tampons down the toilet. They can block your toilet and no one wants to explain that to dyno-rod! It's best to use disposable bags to dispose of your pads/tampons. Although when out in public it can be really embarrassing to be rustling about with nappy bags in a toilet cubicle as the WHOLE toilet knows what you're doing. Now, although that doesn't personally bother me, I know that it does bother a lot of people. I really recommend Fab Little Bags these thin, opaque and discreet bags, make very little sound when you use them. Just hold open with one hand whilst dropping in your tampon or rolled up sanitary towel. They are made from 35% organic material and by not flushing you are keeping your sanitary products out of the sea and rivers. I was sent a Fab Little Bag starter pack to test out. This included a bathroom pack of 20 bags and a handbag pack which includes 5 bags. You can refill the handbag pack so its perfect for on the go.
Put a dark towel down when you sleep or use dark sheets that way if you have any leaks through the night it won't noticeably stain your sheets. It also won't be as embarrassing if you share a bed with someone.
Tight Shorts or leggings under trousers can help if you are prone to heavy periods and get any leakage as there are more layers in between your trousers. It also helps keep your underwear and therefore your pads in place.
Wearing dark comfy underwear specifically set aside for your period is a good idea as it doesn't matter if it stains.
Feeling Fresh
Although soap and shower gel is known for not being PH friendly for that area, You can buy wash, wipes and deodorant specifically for your intimate area such as Femfresh, it will help you feel fresh when you are on your period.
Placing something warm over where you have cramps can help alleviate the discomfort a little.  There are smaller sized hot water bottles that would be small enough to take out with you in your bag then you can apply heat when you travel to work and during the day. Plus if your place of work has a kettle you can add more hot water to it throughout the day. Having a small hot water bottle makes it more discreet

Helping Others
Can you imagine being homeless or not having enough funds to buy sanitary products? It must be awful, but you can help! A quick Google search found lots of links to sites where you can do this like The Homeless Period. Here is the link for The Homeless Period and please do some research and look into other places you can donate too. Often a lot of us think we can't afford to donate, but supermarket own brands are extremely cheap making it affordable for most of us to help!
Try Something New
Not having much luck with what you regularly use each month? Or have you been using the same products forever because that's what you've always used? Have you looked into and tried all the options available? towels, tampons, cloth towels, sponge, mooncup, the pill... Find what works for you.
Find a Balance of Health and Comfort

There are two camps when it comes to food and periods, either those that claim junk food helps their cramps or those that find eating super healthily helps. Do what you find works best for you? I do recommend some green veg though as it helps with iron levels and drinking lots of water can also help too.

I really hope some of these help you :)
* Fab Little Bag sent me their product to review but all opinions are honest and my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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  1. Periods can be such a pain in the ass. Personally I find that ice cream helps my cramps, it's has to be salted caramel though! x

    1. I agree! I find junk food helps me! :D thanks for reading and commenting x

  2. Hey!

    Thank you for discussing this! Women need to be more open and starting conversations about topics like periods. I think this topic is largely unspoken about- particularly how it affects girls in less privileged countries, like those in Africa.

    Anyways, thank you for the very helpful tips and tackling this issue head on!

    You rock.Period.


    1. Wow, thank you so much! I totally agree it's something that we experience (mostly)every month, but is still largely unspoken about. There's no need for us to feel ashamed! And I totally agree with the less privileged needing us to help and speak out.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! x