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Friday, 31 March 2017

Mr Lee's Cup Noodles - A healthy & delicious quick lunch!

It's lunchtime and you want something super quick, tasty, filling and naughty but healthy! It's so easy to just grab a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar and get back to work, but what if you could have something filling and hot in 3 minutes that is low in saturated fats, gluten free, Coeliac UK certified, low in sugar & salt, low in calories and there's nothing artificial...Well, Mr Lee's Noodles gives you just that, and all this doesn't compromise on taste at all!
When I was younger I used to eat pot noodles on the regular, but as I got older and started eating more healthily I stopped eating them, but I did miss the flavour and quickness. In my opinion, Mr Lee's Cup Noodles are tastier than pot noodles and of course, they're much healthier.

Mr Lee's Noodles has 6 mouth watering gourmet cup noodles to choose from:
    Shaolin Monk Vegetables (Vegetarian)
    Dragon Fire Mushroom (Vegetarian and Hot)
    Warrior Fighting Shrimp (Hot)
    Hong Kong Street Beef (Mild)
    Penang Chicken Curry Laksa (Medium)
    Tai Chi Chicken
There is an option for everybody here. Mr Lee uses natural flavourings like lime peel and honey and the ingredients are freeze-dried, meaning they lock in goodness and freshness. The noodles are made in Vietnam and then everything is packaged in the UK.
My favourite flavour was: Hong Kong Street Beef and my Husbands was: Penang Chicken Curry Laksa. We were shocked to find that the meat in our noodles was real, it was tender and tasted amazing! The vegetables were crunchy and the noodles were plentiful and the perfect consistency. The portions are generous and we both felt full after eating them. These noodles are seriously tasty! We were so surprised how delicious they were, it just goes to show you don't need all those artificial ingredients to make something taste good!
(I've photographed these in bowls as I think you can see all the ingredients better this way)
Penang Chicken Curry Laksa

Hong Kong Street Beef
For even more flavour Mr Lee's Noodles recommends adding tamari soy sauce or chilli/sesame oil and make sure you give those noodles a good stir because the flavourings are at the bottom.
I really recommend these for lunch, and you don't have to feel guilty about eating them either!
You can get these yummy cup noodles Here
*I was sent these noodles in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
*This review is from my own opnion so make sure you check all ingredients for any possible allergies before buying
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