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Friday, 31 March 2017

Stop comparing yourself to others!

Hi Everyone,
When I was younger I used to be a terror for comparing myself to others. If I had a talent then I would compare what I was good at to someone else who was equally as good or better than me. Instead of agonising over it, that time would have been better spent focusing on refining my skills and enjoying myself. Similarly, I'd open a magazine and see women with thin figures and wish so much that I could look like that, meanwhile, my own figure was getting bigger and bigger. Instead, I should have closed the magazine and accepted myself for who I was or exercised to achieve my own goal.

Nothing positive can ever come from comparing yourself to someone else. Healthy competition is ok but fixating on it is not healthy. It's so easy in today's media obsessed world to compare ourselves to others. The 'perfect' figure or someone living out your dream job is a mere click away online, it's so easy to obsess over. 
Here are some things to remember the next time you start comparing your talents or life to someone else's:

Focus on yourself and how far you've come. We've all been on a journey and had to overcome hurdles. Don't solely focus on your imperfections, instead remember how amazing and strong you actually are to get to this point in your life. No one else could live your life but you! 

The person you are comparing yourself too might be going through something awful and might not have the perfect life you think they do.

Have you explored why you are having these feelings? Try journaling and write down why you feel this way. There could be a deep rooted reason that you might not be expecting. Working through that may help you to feel better about the situation.

Your wasting time that could be better spent on something else! comparing yourself to someone else can make you bitter and resentful. Life is so quick and precious, don't waste it putting yourself down and wishing you were someone else.

Realise that everyone on the planet is different and unique. We all have our own quirks, talents and imperfections and that's beautiful. It might sound corny but it's so true. There is no one else the same as you.

The only person you need to compare yourself too is you! How can you be a better person? Refine that talent? Possibly earn more money? Get healthier? Beat your personal best? Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, focus that energy on yourself in a positive way.

This might sound harsh but remember how lucky you are. The things you take for granted on the daily someone else is wishing they had right now! So yes, you might not be rich like that actress on TV, but your richer than millions of other people on the planet.

Be prepared to work. This doesn't apply to everyone but sometimes we think 'why can't that be me' and we have a little moan to ourselves, but we aren't prepared to take the steps and do the hard work to achieve that thing that we want. If you want what you deem as the perfect job, work for it! You can achieve it if you put the work in, don't put it off or make excuses, go for it!

So although it's easier said than done, we all catch ourselves comparing every now and then, the above steps are worth keeping in mind. Just remember to try and direct that energy into yourself instead of wishing you were someone else.

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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