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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Wikaniko Moringa Oil Review

Hi Everyone!
Lately, my skin hasn't been great, I had dry patches on my forehead, neck and a couple of persistent painful spots on my chin. So when I was asked to review this product I jumped at the chance, especially when I read that Moringa oil is heralded as being a 'miracle oil'. After researching this oil through various websites and Youtube, I found that this is a deserving title as it has helped many people with skin complaints. So needless to say, I was very excited to try it out on myself.

The reason it's known as a miracle oil is because it has so many amazing properties and benefits. Mainly it's known for its great anti-aging benefits. I only have the odd line under my eyes so I can't really say how well it works as an anti-aging product yet, but check out the customer reviews here to see how much this has helped the appearance of people's skin. It keeps the skin toned and gives it more elasticity. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can help with spot outbreaks, acne or eczema. It can be used in your hair to either nourish or to clean and moisturise your scalp. You can use Moringa Oil on your face, hair, body, cuticles/nails, and feet. It's such a versatile product to have.

It's very easy to go on Ebay and find cheaper Moringa oil but it could be filled with all sorts of nasties that you are then putting onto your skin, Yuck! The Moringa oil I am reviewing for you today is farmed by Wikaniko in Spain. Only fresh organically grown green leaves are used in the products, meaning no horrible fertilisers or pesticides are used to grow the trees. The leaves are stripped from the stalks by hand, to ensure no contamination from machines, then they are air dried before being placed into a dehydrator to kill off any remaining pathogens before being turned into a powder by hand. Each batch of oil is analysed in an independent laboratory to check for quality.

I have been using 2 pumps of oil daily for two weeks and I have found my skin has improved quite dramatically. It looks plumper, smoother and more healthy. The oil doesn't have a strong smell and feels nice to apply. It isn't heavy and doesn't clog your pores. My face is quite oily anyway so I probably couldn't wear it during the day so I apply it to my face at night so it can do it's magic while I am asleep.

The dry areas on my face aren't anywhere near as bad and my neck isn't dry at all now. Whilst applying I gingerly also applied the oil over my cluster of angry spots, cringing and waiting for them to get worse but it actually had the opposite effect! My spots have shrunk, are drying out and aren't painful at all now. I also had a small burn on my hand from the oven and the day after it was very red and sore, I remembered the oil had anti-inflammatory properties in it and I smoothed a little over the burn, it soothed it straight way and it actually helped the appearance of it a lot!

I like that the oil is dispensed through a pump and not a pipette. I always make a mess using a pipette. The pump dispenses one drop of oil perfectly so you can control how much you use, meaning no waste!

The cost for a bottle of Wikaniko's Moringa Oil is £16.95 and the bottle contains 100ml of oil. If the price seems a little steep to you, think of it this way, you need 1 or 2 pumps of oil for your face so this bottle is going to last you a LONG time! Moringa oil also has a very long shelf life so don't worry about using it within a year. I couldn't believe how little of this product you need.
I highly recommend this oil, it actually works!

You can get your own bottle of this amazing oil HERE And if you use the code: MOR10 - this will give you 10% off your purchase (valid until the end of March).

* I was sent this product to review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

* I am writing about my own experience with this product, remember there are lots of different skin types. When buying any new product for the first time I recommend trying it out on a small patch of skin first for any allergies. 

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