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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Dermacol the super full coverage foundation -worth the hype?

Hi Everyone,

If you've been watching makeup tutorials on Youtube lately then chances are you've seen Dermacol make-up cover, the super full coverage foundation in action. Even though this foundation has been around for a long time, makeup gurus are suddenly raving about it. I happen to really like full coverage foundations and I thought it might be a good idea to buy this and try it out for the blog and give you my honest opinion. I tested it out every day for a week so I could write this review, I even wore it to a concert, so I've really put it through its paces for you! But is it worth the hype?

The following information is taken from the Dermacol website
" Benefits: Waterproof
For all skin types
SPF 30
Preservative free
Coverage: Full (extreme) 
     Volume: 30 g
The clinically tested, extreme covering Make up Cover was created as the first of its kind in Europe and one of the first in the world. The license for this foundation was eventually sold to Hollywood. It contains 50% pigments, which makes it a weapon against skin imperfections. DERMACOL MAKE-UP COVER provides PERFECT COVERAGE even in thin layers and is the perfect corrector for dark under-eye, unpleasant spots and skin blemishes. It completely covers acne, loss of pigmentation, post surgical bruising, tattoos etc. It may be used on the entire face or body for color correction, darkening or lightening the skin tones, and ensuring ideal balance. It is widely used as a professional make-up for photo or film shoots, modeling and for festive occasions."

I got my Dermacol from Ebay in the shade 208, the lightest colour, and it took bloody ages to arrive! I couldn't wait to test it out. When it finally got here I ripped open the packaging, applied some primer and excitedly bounced some of the product over my face with a beauty blender. The first thing I noticed was the foundation is thick, like oil paint. I remembered on the Youtube videos the MUA's recommended only using the tiniest amount and I agree, a little bit of this will cover your whole face. It was so thick and I couldn't get it to evenly blend, it highlighted all my dry patches and frankly, it looked awful. I was so disappointed, however, I thought I would try again in case it was something I had done wrong.
The first 3 times I used this foundation I hated it. I was very annoyed that I had parted with nearly £10 and it didn't work. However, the fourth time I decided to try it I mixed some of my Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer in with it to make it a little thinner. I applied it using my real techniques brush and then a beauty blender to further blend, then I set it with powder, which you definitely need to do with this foundation, in my opinion. I was so happy to see that it worked and turned out really well. Hooray! I think sometimes we just need to try and make the make-up work for us and not give up on it too quickly. I think it takes a few goes to get this foundation just right, so unless you're a make-up artist I would have a practise with it before going out.
It is really full coverage like stated and does indeed cover everything up, I didn't even need to use concealer! It has staying power and actually took some removing. I wore it all day and into the night and it stayed perfect throughout. If you have really oily skin I'm not sure how you would get on with this foundation, although I have got some oily areas and it worked fine for me. I also recommend using a face scrub and moisturising before using this foundation to eliminate dry patches as it will highlight them otherwise.

Apparently, you can cover tattoos with Dermacol foundation as well, so I also tested that out for you. I can confirm that you can cover tattoos with it, although the tattoo I tried to cover is on the inside of my arm, which is extremely pale and the foundation was too dark for that area so it looked a little weird! But depending on your skin tone I think it could be an ideal solution if you needed or wanted to cover your tattoo/s.
The only thing I was a bit disappointed in is that there are only 13 shades. It makes it very limited, there are no dark shades which is very disappointing. Although I don't need a darker colour it must be extremely frustrating to not be able to find the right shade for your skin tone. Apart from that, I really liked using this and I'm going to continue using it. I am not sure yet if I'll repurchase, I'll let you know!
Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of it? Let me know below!
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