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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Makeup Lover & Proud!

Hi Everyone,

The other week I watched Katie Piper's Face to Face and it really struck a chord. As someone who also uses makeup to help me feel more confident due to a condition I suffer from, I have a huge appreciation for makeup and it's many uses. In the past, I've had to justify why I both love and wear makeup as if loving it makes me vain or stupid. It seems as if there's some sort of misconception made by some people about makeup, instead of simply enjoying it for what it is. Why do makeup wearers have to justify why they wear it? And if you don't wear makeup then equally you shouldn't have to justify that either. We are all individuals and can all do what we want with our own bodies.

There's something so fun about applying makeup. It's always the part of getting ready that I look forward to the most, I always wish I could spend longer doing it! If I'm feeling crappy, applying some makeup sometimes helps improve my mood. I don't wear it to impress anyone, I wear it purely for me and I love it!

I'm an illustrator so I love art and I view makeup as an art form. It's so much more than just something to wear on a night out. It hides imperfections, can transform you into someone else, gives you confidence when you need it and is your armour to get you through the day. Makeup is a way you can express yourself, feel pretty and let's not forget it's also bloody fun! There are those that say embrace your 'flaws' instead of using makeup to hide or enhance them, but not everyone can. Like I said I often wear makeup because of a condition I have and had it not been for makeup I couldn't have faced going to school (all those years ago!) 

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I love watching makeup tutorials and am always so saddened by horrible comments people make. A quick scroll through the comments section of any makeup tutorial on Youtube will reveal a barrage of comments belittling people for wearing makeup and how much they apply. Below are some real comments I came across on Youtube, unfortunately, there was much worse, but these are the ones I used for this post.  

"You look so much better without all that makeup"

"Nice look, but you're wearing waay too much make up"

"You look like a drag queen"

"You look disgusting"

"You looked better before"


"You look like a slag"

Of course, we all have personal preferences when it comes to makeup, but is it necessary to make other people feel like shit and perhaps question how they express themselves? Why do some people assume that to wear makeup means you are an 'airhead' or a 'slag'? How on earth does wearing a pigment on your face make you either? -And don't get me started on the word 'slag'.

I'm so grateful for makeup. Could I go out without it? Yes, but I choose not too. I enjoy experimenting with it too much and as someone with barely any confidence, it gives me just enough to leave the house. Sometimes. In the past, I've been made to feel stupid for having this mentality, but I don't anymore. Sorry for the rant but seeing as this is partly a beauty blog, I thought it would be fitting to write my opinions on this subject.

Have you ever experienced hate or shitty comments because you love makeup, how you wear it, or because you write/make videos about it? Let me know below!

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